“What is your favorite word and why?” When life gives us a bad push or when we lost in a…

“What is your favorite word and why?” When life gives us a bad push or when we lost in a…

“What is your favorite word and why?”

When life gives us a bad push or when we lost in a great depression then there is always a person who holds us tightly she is mother. So mother is my favorite word. God is not visible that is why he made mother. Mother is another form of God. Everyone has holiday but mother has no leisure time. From dusk to dawn she only works for the family. She demands nothing but only wishes good for her family. If we are happy we remember mother or even if we are hurt we remember mother. So mother is in our nerve. A child’s first word is mother and every child admires their mother the most. Whatever a child wants can easily get from his/her mother. He/she knows his/her mother will fulfill all the demands. A child how far goes from home cannot forget his/her mother. The contribution of a mother is truly praiseworthy.

The journey of a mother starts with a daughter in her home then as a sister after that a wife and at last as a mother. She has to perform all the duties and responsibilities proficiently. Mother has no substitute. Mother is incomparable. Nobody can repay her efforts. Her kindness, devotion and sacrifice are commendable.

A mother wakes up early in the morning when everyone sleeps. She makes breakfast, sends children to the school, prepares lunch for the family, take care the study of the children, manages her husband, cooks dinner and finally gets some time for herself. But this small time is actually to think what she will do next day for the family. She always tries how to keep everyone happy. In a joint family the responsibility of a mother is huge. She has to manage her father in law, mother in law, sister in law, brother in law and so more. Mother is the decision maker in a family. She hardly gets time for herself.

Mother never thinks about her happiness. She believes in sacrifice and compromise. She does not share her pain or difficulties. She does not even tell about her sickness. A smile on the face is always visible. She tries hard to make her children a good person. The foundation of a child’s education and behavior depends on his/her mother. Mother works hard day and night for the good education for her child. Nonetheless, there is always a woman behind every successful man. So mother has several characters that she plays.

To conclude, Mother is goddess and the last resort of the children. Children can repeat several mistakes but mother is always there to forgive. Mother is the guide, guard and well wisher. Without mother life is empty and hard. Without the direction of mother no child can improve in his/her life. Mother is the life saver for every child. Mother always favors his child more than anything else. In Islam it is said that under the foot of mother there is heaven. In every religion mother has got utmost priority than anything else. So every children responsibility is to make their mother happy and do not leave them alone. Mother needs care during her old age. As mother brought up child beautifully in that way deserves happiness, care and respect.

“What is your favorite word and why?” When life gives us a bad push or when we lost in a…