This assignment is based on the required readings that discuss the artists Gustave Courbet and…

This assignment is based on the required readings that discuss the artists Gustave Courbet and…

This assignment is based on the required readings that discuss the artists Gustave Courbet and Eduoard Manet. Most of those readings can be found as addendums to Lesson 2 under the Lessons tab (one of the Courbet readings is at Click on past exhibitions. Go to 2008 exhibits). Using the information from those readings and the FADIS images that correspond to them, write a short essay (approximately 3-4 pages or 850-1000 words, typewritten, double-spaced) comparing the innovations of Gustave Courbet to those of Edouard Manet. Address the following in your essay:

• How did each artist contribute individually to the “rise of modernism?’”

• What similarities do you find in their approach to their work both technically and stylistically, their attitude toward critics, and their status as innovators of their time?

• What differences do you see in their contributions to Modern art? .

• Use at least one specificartistic example from each artist to substantiate your points. Be detailed when discussing the image and show how it illustrates visually the points you make.

This essay is your own critical analysis of the two artists, but you must utilize the required readings to formulate your commentary. These include critical voices such as Buchon and Zola (see courseware) who were friends with the artists and writers/critics.

Required readings are listed on the course schedule and include:

1) Linda Nochlin, The Invention of the AvantGarde —file attached to Lesson 2 notes page

2) Manet’s Le Déjeuner sur L’herbe, Paul Hayes Tucker: Pages 1-37

3)Art in Theory: 1815-1900, Harrison, Wood and Gaiger: Pages 364-372 (Courbet), 554-565 (Manet)

4) “Larger than Life,”Smithsonian Magazine, 2008:

5) Courbet — fromMetropolitan Museum of Art 2008 exhibition:

You may quote from the readings, but if you do, you must cite your source within your essay (use author and page number next to quote — MLA format).

NOTE: I will not accept papers that use sources other than the assigned readings (especially Wikipedia). Also, familiarize yourself with the University Plagiarism policy (a copy is under the SYLLABUS tab).

Your essay should be no more than 3-4 pages or 850-1000 words, typewritten, double-spaced.Please use Times or Times New Roman for you paper as it is easier to read online. Check the due date located at the top of the page. Submit assignments electronically from the “Assignment” page via SAFE ASSIGN either as a post in the area provided or as an attachment. Late assignments will not be accepted, unless professor is contacted regarding extenuating circumstances.

If you submit an attachment, you must use this format: (lastname_245SP17_Assign1.doc, or .rtfor .pdf). I will notaccept assignments without a last name as part of the file name. You must also have your name and student number on the first page of your essay.

Hello students. Although there is not a specific rubric for this assignment (see “Meaning of Grades” document under the RESOURCES tab) here are some guidelines to help you understand where you might lose points:

1) File name must containyour last name or it will not be read. See essay instructions for how to name your file.
2) You must use only therequired readings. You will lose points for going outside of those sources. up to -5
3)Spelling/grammar — be sure to SPELL/GRAMMAR check before turning in paper. Names of artists and paintings must be correct and paper must be organized with intro, body and conclusion. MLA formatting.up to -5
4)Substantiate your points through use of artistic examples. This is important: When you make a point about the painting, you must use example within the painting’s composition and describe it in detail as it substantiates your points (see essay instructions).up to -10
5)Substantiate your points through use of the readings. You have several sources to pull from for your comparison. We will be looking for reference to those readings within your paper.up to 10
6)Citations: they must be within your paper in parentheses: (author, page #). Use the actual sources such as: (Buchon, 25) instead of just citing the courseware page #. You can cite the courseware or name of book/web address on your citations page. Lack of citations constitutes plagiarism. You will get one opportunity to resubmit your paper if you lack citations.up to -5 or 0

This assignment is based on the required readings that discuss the artists Gustave Courbet and…