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I need a literature review added to the attach file. The research topic is:Research regarding the federal government’s harsh prison terms for first time drug offenders. Instead of long prison terms for first time offenders, I would like to suggest/research rehabilitation programs that would provide counseling and support

Literature Review

This chapter is a summary of all other studies on your topic. This is the equivalent of a research paper and should follow APA guidelines for citations. This section will be the bulk of your research proposal.

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Research Proposal
Research Topic:
According to Bordens and Abbott (2002), it is extremely important for any research study, irrespective of its industry and sector to have a focused approach and a well-defined research topic. Likewise, this research is related to the harsh and long prison terms of the federal government for first time drug offenders.
The research topic in specific is “Critical analysis and suggestions of the alternate approaches, including rehabilitation programs (including counselling and support) in place of long and hard prison terms for first time drug offenders”.
The most common type of punishment to any illegal offense all over the world is basically sending an individual directly to a prison. But questions arises if it is the actually best way to address an issue. This research in specific, picks up the case of first time drug offenders and associated harsh prison terms.
Statement of the Problem – There exist numerous research studies and publications related to imprisonment of drug offenders. There is no doubt that dealing with drugs is an extremely big crime but is harsh and long term prison terms a good approach to solve the problem? According to Kuziemko and Levitt (2004), drug addicts and dealers when found dealing with drugs are sent to prison straightaway, where there activities usually and mostly continue and thus, in a no way problem is being solved. A better approach would be to treat this problem through alternate approaches such as counselling, rehab programs etc where drug offenders are made to engage in other activities to overcome the problem of being drug addict (Kuziemko and Levitt, 2004; Spohn and Holleran, 2006).
Purpose of the Study – In continuation and in order to build upon the serious problem of drug offense, the main purpose of this research study is to identify and analyse better and alternate approaches to address the problem instead of a mere long term prison terms as a solution.