Read the article and write a review including the following (at a minimum): Identify the article…

Read the article and write a review including the following (at a minimum): Identify the article…

Read the article and write a review including the following (at a minimum): Identify the article using standard bibliographic format as well as a website reference*

· (5 points)What is the Ergonomic tool used in the evaluation? Why was this tool used?

· (10 points) What is significant about the situation/workplace that the tool was used to evaluate? What population was the article discussing (workers/workplace)?

· (20 points) How was the tool used? Were modifications from standard procedures in the use of the tool used? If so, why? Were other ergonomic tools used for the evaluation?

· (20 points) What were the results?

· (10 points) What were strengths of the study (of the tool)?

· (10 points) What were limitations (weaknesses) of the study (of the tool)?

· (10 points) What implications does this have for your project?

· (10 Points) References – correctly cited (Please use in text reference and then form a reference list at the end of your paper)

Note: You may need to find additional primary (original, scholarly) sources to help place this article on your topic into context. All sources should be properly attributed and referenced according to APA guidelines. Include the date you looked at the website if you include website citations.

Note: Please be careful on your personal opinion, this is a review of an article so it should be based on science not personal opinion of the topic.

For full credit, your review needs to address these issues critically. Do not just report what the authors stated. you need to be able to add your own critical evaluation and discussion of the evidence. Please use your own words to summarize the paper. If you “cut and paste” your grade will be affected.

This report will be screened using the SafeAssign tool in Blackboard; assignments that do not meet the tools’ criteria for originality will be returned without being graded.

Grading criteria will include the following:

· Evidence of critical thinking and evaluation of ergonomic topics and ergonomic tools

· Demonstration of your understanding of ergonomic terminology and concepts

· Accuracy and completeness of information presented

· Reliability and accuracy of sources

· Quality of writing, including grammar and spelling

· On-time completion

· As always, this report should avoid plagiarism. If you reproduce figures or charts in your paper you need to include their source as a footnote.

*For example:

Crim SM, et al. 2014. Incidence and Trends of Infection with Pathogens Transmitted Commonly Through Food — Foodborne Diseases Active Surveillance Network, 10 U.S. Sites, 2006–2013. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) 63(15);328-332. Retrieved from: Accessed: May 14, 2014.

See for more details on citing references using the APA format.

Additional Information on References

References (Citations) –

a. In general use American Psychological Association (APA) citation format.

b. However, for web pages, the APA is does not give a truly complete citation format for information that may be updated as in information from the CDC website. In these cases, you need to put the date that you accessed the web page (not just the date published). Reasons for doing this:

i. Using just the webpage address is not an adequate citation (such as; this is an incomplete citation.

ii. I have found that sometimes there is more recent information on the web page than the date published

iii. Publishing date may not be on the web page

iv. Information may be updated but the web page address is the same( Examples: Content of the Home page of change nearly every weekday; content of CDC’s Summary of Weekly Fluview changes every week but web page is stays the same)

v. Information found on the page on one day may not be there the next time you go back to that page

c. APA Format for web pages

Author, A. A., & Author, B. B. (Date of publication). Title of document. Retrieved from http://Web address


Read the article and write a review including the following (at a minimum): Identify the article…