PROJECT DESCRIPTION OFFERED BY UNIVERSITY: Mobile communication networks are undergoing a huge…

PROJECT DESCRIPTION OFFERED BY UNIVERSITY: Mobile communication networks are undergoing a huge…


Mobile communication networks are undergoing a huge overhaul in order to meet the demands for high-speed data applications. Several new communication techniques have recently been proposed for 5th generation mobile networks.

The aim of this project on next generation mobile networks is to investigate the effectiveness of some new techniques that have recently been proposed in the open literature and their performance in different channel and traffic scenarios.

Each student will be working on a specific new technology. Examples of specific new ideas from the open literatures:

1) New transmission techniques (aiming at increasing the transmission speed and capacity beyond current systems).

2) New system architectures including small cells and Heterogeneous cellular systems , D2D (direct-to-direct)

3) New frequency assignment techniques including fractional and soft frequency reuse techniques.

4) Energy harvesting, where wireless power transfer is implemented in order to increase the energy efficiency of the network.

5) Cloud Radio access technology (CRAN) and wireless backhaul

6) Green mobile networks aiming at increasing the energy efficiency of next generation networks.

The project tasks will involve developing of appropriate simulation models that can be used to assess the performance of 5th generation systems with any of these new technologies, and provide a proper comparison between these different technologies.

The first step is to learn how to use simulation techniques for design and performance evaluation of mobile communication networks. Help will be provided from the supervisor during this initial phase and you might collaborate with other students working on the same theme.

Matlab is usually used for simulation modelling, but it is to you to decide which simulation program you prefer to use.


I chose tranmmission techniques from the list provided and narrowed down to MIMO using Alamouti scheme. The general aim of the project was to offer better performance,capacity and economic transmission technique than the existing ones.The semester one dealt with simulating a basic cellular model with 1tx and 1 rx antenna . The semester two was to simulate BER results of 2 tx -1 rx ,2tx -2rx using Alamouti scheme and compare the performance with the BER results of the basic cellular model developed in semester one. The simulations were succesfull as the BER performance was better in Alamouti scheme which was one of the aims of the project(i.e BETTER PERFORMANCE)and the whole idea of the report should be in support that Alamouti scheme is better than basic cellular model.

To ensure better comparison the BER results using Alamouti scheme was simulated and compared with another scheme called MRRC. The simulation results of the Alamouti scheme was in par with the MRRC scheme. This was done because the implementation of MRRC scheme in real life is more complex than the Alamouti scheme.Therefore by doing this comparison it was proved that same results as MRRC can be achieved with Alamouti. Another aim of the project economic transmission technique (since MRRC is expemsive to implement than alamouti) was achieved by this comparison.

1) I will provide the reference papers on which the whole simulation was done,

2) I will provide the simulation results, matlab code, Explanation of the working of matlab code

The report should be wriiten on supporting the Alamouti schemes and discussing its positives and negatives.I have attached a document titeld Area spectral efficiencywith which the basic cellar model was simulated. The refernce paper by Alamoutiwas used to simulate the Alamouti scheme and MRRC scheme.

The report has sections like Abstract, literature review, technical achievement, model description and achievement, justification of results , etc.The chapterwise overview can be found in the file named Progress Report – Chapter overview


PROJECT DESCRIPTION OFFERED BY UNIVERSITY: Mobile communication networks are undergoing a huge…