Major Assessment Essay Major Assessment Essay Due: Apr 15, 2017, 11:59 PM Directions for the…

Major Assessment Essay Major Assessment Essay Due: Apr 15, 2017, 11:59 PM Directions for the…

Major Assessment Essay

Major Assessment Essay
Due: Apr 15, 2017, 11:59 PM

Directions for the Major Assessment Essay

Essay Overview:

Prepare a four to six page researched essay that presents a critical analysis of the historical, critical differences, and similarities between the ethical teachings of Jesus and the apostle Paul to be followed by a presentation, analysis, and discussion of the student’s thoughts on how the historical, critical approach influences his/her contemporary understanding of the New Testament.

Digging Deeper into the Essay:

Since the Protestant Reformation during the sixteenth-century, numerous Christian scholars have stressed only Paul’s theology of justification by grace through faith. However, each of Paul’s letters contains something called parenesis, a moral exhortation. The same is true of the teachings of Jesus found in the four Gospels. Even though there are numerous pericopes from which you can draw from, only focus on a single moral exhortation that is found in both of the teachings of Jesus and Paul.


1. Briefly introduce the ethical mandate being considered and the overall scope of the essay.

2. Summarize in greater detail the moral teaching as Jesus discusses it and how the apostle Paul deals with the matter.

3. In summarizing the pericope of each teacher, make sure to explain how the moral exhortation fits within the overarching context from which the theme comes. Why does Jesus and Paul address the issue when they do? Did something prompt them to do so?

4. Remember to compare and contrast the ethical parenesis between the two teachers. What is similar between the two teachers in how they address the matter? What is different?

5. Just as you introduced the material, make sure to give a proper conclusion to close your essay.

Above is a basic structure to follow. You do not have to follow it strictly, as in the same layout, but each element must be covered. In other words, you have liberty in how you wish to approach your presentation of the material.

Your essay must be four to six full pages, which are double-spaced. Your essay must contain proper citations of sources consulted in the body of the paper and that source must alsoappear on the Works Cited page. All sources on the Works Cited page must be found in the body of the paper as an in-text citation. Failure of this does violate the college’s Academic Integrity Policy. There is no reason why you are not able to cite your sources properly in the body of the paper and on the Works Cited page. I have provided you with five sample papers that show how each is to appear. The Works Cited page does not count towards the four to six double-spaced page count.If your paper is three full pages and your Works Cited page is the fourth page, your paper does not fulfill the requirements for the task. Remember that the minimum requirement is four full double-spaced pages plus the Works Cited page.

SPECIAL NOTE: This assignment is to be based upon research and analysis of material and not upon personal opinions or insights. Therefore, it is not appropriate to use first or second person in this assignment. Additionally, you need to give proper biblical citations to events, stories, etc. within the body of your paper. Act like you are writing this to someone who does not have any idea of the contents of the paper or where to find information for it. You are not allowed to simply quote the entire context in which the moral exhortations are found. Such an act is a violating of the plagiarism policy, and your submission will be deemed as plagiarized. Within the writing material that I have provided, you will see how scriptural passages are to be cited. If you have any questions on citations, please either ask me, another professor, or one of the librarians. There is no excuse for not knowing how to properly cite material. Additionally, academic papers do not contain contractions and quoted material should be no more than 20% of the overall essay. Only submission types accepted are: doc, docx, and pdf files.

Major Assessment Essay Major Assessment Essay Due: Apr 15, 2017, 11:59 PM Directions for the…