genb 4350 assignment 4

genb 4350 assignment 4

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with the feedback please check the feedback comments before doing the essay

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Feedback on your paper is based on three learning objectives – written communication, critical thinking, and knowledge application. The number of comments provided does not necessarily correspond to your performance on each objective. The quality of each comment may better reflect your grade than the number of comments. For example, a single comment on organization and clarity may hold greater weight than two comments on professional tone.

Papers fall into one of the following categories:

Grade Comments
A – or higher Very well written paper.
B – to B + Well written paper.
C – to C+ Fairly well written paper.
D – to D+ Needs much improvement.
F Unacceptable work.

Additionally, we may have noted areas of text where language and/or grammar issues exist. These are represented in blue. Other areas within your paper may have contained similar issues.


Noun: (n.)
Preposition: (prep.)
Punctuation: (punc.)
Pronoun: (pro.)
Articles: (art.)
Word choice: (wc.)
Verb: (vb.) Spelling: (sp.) Sentence structure: (ss.)

For further clarification regarding the feedback provided, your instructor requests that you visit with Teaching Assistant assigned to the course (room 325N) or with the course administrator (Lori Whisenant).

This case study brings into picture the fact that George is a manager who is working for XYZ, Inc. which is a company that deals with developing software for medical service industry. He is happy and content with his present job but he wants to pursue his dream to built software for educational purposes. While he was working he was offered an opportunity to work for MedTrain, Inc. as a consultant where the company is offering to build training software games for medical purposes.
The main issue that has been presented in this case is that which path should George follow to continue his working in XYZ Inc., to quit the job and open his own business of developing the software…

genb 4350 assignment 4